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Greyhawk Author
Brian Blume
First Greyhawk work Eldritch Wizardry

Brian Blume was a business partner of Gary Gygax. Characters played by Blume include Rary and Neb Rentar. Characters created by Blume include Vecna.

Puns and homages

  • Beetu, a demon mentioned in the original Dungeon Master's Guide, is likely a homage to Brian Blume. His initials are BB (two Bs).
  • Gary Gygax claims there is no intentional connection between Brian Blume and the Blemu Hills.
  • Lembu from The Ghost Tower of Inverness is likely an anagram of Brian Blume's last name.
  • Nira Melubb is an anagram of Brian Blume.

Greyhawk works

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