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Greyhawk Deity
Breeka's holy symbol, as depicted in The Scarlet Brotherhood (1999).
Home Plane Prime Material Plane
Power Level Intermediate
Gender Female
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Living Things
Domains Air, Animal, Earth, Plant, Water
Alias(es) None
Superior Uvot

Breeka is the Touv goddess of Living Things. Her holy symbol is a headdress of wooden beads and animal teeth.


Breeka is the manifestation of all aspects of nature, both helpful and harmful (unlike her grandfather Uvot, who represents only nature's bounty). Breeka is, by turns, helpful, indifferent, and harmful. She is troubled by the nightmares given to her by Vara. She is depicted as a middle-aged Touv woman with dark green skin and worry lines on her face.


Breeka is the daughter of Nola, goddess of the sun, and Vogan, the god of weather and rain, and from this mixture of rain and sunlight was born all the world's plants and animals. She is the mother of Katay, who has no father. Her birthing pains mingled with the darkness to create Meyanok, the god of evil. While sleeping, she vomited forth the nightmares inspired in her by her granddaughter Vara to create the living things that bring fear and danger to the night.


According to Sean K. Reynolds' "Scarlet Brotherhood FAQ," the Touv gods are spirits who dwell on Oerth itself rather than on other planes of existence.


Breeka's clergy believe they owe duties both to their people and to the natural world, which they must keep in balance. If land must be cleared for farming or cattle, they warn animals away, transplant important vegetation, or direct the humans to a less vulnerable site.



Breeka's clerics and shamans are distant and brooding. Their favored weapon is the quarterstaff, but they may also wield the atl-atl, dagger, short sword, and spear. They may wear any nonmetal armor.


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