Breadgiving Day

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Greyhawk Holiday
Breadgiving Day
Frequency Annual
Date(s) Needfest 4
Type Regional; religious
Observed by Greyhawk City's churches of Pelor, Rao, and Saint Cuthbert.
Significance A day of charity for the poor.

Celebrated on on the Winter Solstice (Needfest 4), Breadgiving Day, is a day of charity observed in the Free City of Greyhawk by the faiths of Pelor, Rao, and Saint Cuthbert.

This was not originally a religious holiday as such. It is a new practice that began after the Greyhawk Wars to feed the refugees that flooded the city during that time. Since of Old City who line up by the hundreds along the Processional from the Black Gate. The booths are worked by low-ranking priests from all three religions, with armed priests of St. Cuthbert providing security. A smaller event is held simultaneously below Wharfgate in Greyhawk City's Shacktown.

The clergies of Heironeous, Pholtus, and Trithereon do not participate, but they compete with one another to perform good deeds the whole week of Needfest. The rivalries between Trithereon and Pholtus, Trithereon and Heironeous, and Pholtus and St. Cuthbert are such that the faiths sometimes fall into arguments and even blows if their "good deeds" conflict with each other. Greyhawk's rowdy citizens often cheer and place bets on the outcomes of these quarrels.

The priests of Pelor hold a morning ceremony on this day with a sermon, singing, and music.


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