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Greyhawk Deity
Brandobaris, as depicted in Dragon #59 (1982).
Title(s) Master of Stealth, Misadventure, the Trickster, the Irrepressible Scamp, the Friendly Rapscallion
Home Plane Wanders
Power Level Lesser
Gender male
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Stealth, Thievery, Rogues, Adventuring
Domains Celerity, Luck, Travel, Trickery
Superior Yondalla

Brandobaris (bran-doe-bair-iss) is the halfling deity of Stealth, Thievery, Rogues, and Adventuring. His sacred animal is the mouse. His symbol is a halfling's footprint.



With Fharlanghn, Brandobaris co-sponsored the apotheosis of Charmalaine. Brandobaris gets along fine with most of his pantheon, and his exploits have earned him the respect and companionship of Garl Glittergold, Baervan Wildwanderer, Dugmaren Brightmantle, Erevan Ilesere, and Vergadain. His adventures have earned him the enmity of Urdlen, and he has no love for Abbathor.


Brandobaris is a wandering deity. Although he is welcome in the Green Fields with the bulk of the halfling pantheon, he takes no real part in maintaining it as a divine realm.


Brandobaris's followers are expected to seek out danger and excitement wherever they can. Like their deity, they are wandering thrill-seekers, but they are told to avoid the temptations of greed; experience is the true treasure. Wild tales are honored.


Brandobaris's disorganized faith is known as the Church of Misadventure.


Brandobaris's clerics, known as the Hands of Misadventure, wear gray leather armor and feathered caps. They pick one time of the night or day to pray for their spells; those who prefer public displays of bravado choose the day, while more stealthy types choose the night. Their favored weapon is the short sword or dagger.

Holy days and rituals

Brandobaris's holy days are on the new moon. Stolen items are sacrificed to him monthly, during the time of Luna's new moon. The items are hidden as securely as they can be; this is known as Brandobaris's Tithe.


The Church of Misadventure has no temples. Wherever a story is told of Brandobaris's deeds, this is considered a religious service in his honor.

Myths and legends

Brandobaris is said to have won a contest of speed and strength against the ogre and troll deity Vaprak, causing the ogres to cede their forested homeland to halflings (Shining South, 149).


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