Borgora Hilltopper

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Greyhawk Character
Borgora Hilltopper
Homeland Good Hills
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Age Unknown
Class Unknown
Alignment Unknown

Borgora Hilltopper is a dwarf adventurer and craftsman of some repute. On one adventure, he and his five companions fled into the Hool Marshes to escape the Grandee of Westkeep, who had accused them of being spies for the Yeomanry. There, an old hermit called Wiiken showed them some balloons he had made in the crude image of animals from the rubbery byproducts of the petroleum fungus.

A few years later, Borgora and his friends were adventuring in the Barrier Peaks. Borgora fell asleep during his watch, and as a result his companions were devoured by werewolves. Borgora retired to the Good Hills in Keoland, setting up a small general store catering to adventurers. There, he invented Borgora's Inflatable Scare-Dragon, an inflatable red dragon made from the rubbery material that Wiiken had introduced to him years before. He hoped that such decoys would help adventurers scare off foes even if they fell asleep, as he had, when they were supposed to be at watch. Borgora also created Scare-Ogres, Scare-Zombies, and Scare-Nymphs in order to serve every possible adventuring need.


The Grandee of Westkeep still harbors a grudge against Borgora for "past injustices."