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Greyhawk Character
Homeland Castle Greyhawk
Gender Male
Race Human skeleton
Age Unknown
Class Cleric 1
Alignment neutral

"Bones" was a skeletonized cleric who wandered in the company of an elf and a Jinn through the dungeons of one of the many incarnations of Castle Greyhawk in the 570s-580s CY. He was quite fond of protesting that he was not any number of professions, but instead a cleric. Apparently he had been fully human, but due to an unexplained magical mishap, was reduced to a sentient skeleton.




"Bones", along with his companions Captain Kork and Mees Taspark, made his home on the fifth level of the dungeon, where numerous other creatures had been affected by a cabal of wizards who force-fed them role-playing game books. Whether or not "Bones" (who would likely have been fed a copy of FASA's Star Trek Role-Playing Game) was one of those affected is not made clear. The trio seemed to be scared of "cling-ons", and could teleport to safety if they suspected the creatures were near.

Publication history

The character appears only in the parody module Castle Greyhawk.

Creative origins

"Bones" is a reference to Dr. Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy, the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Enterprise in the Star Trek sci-fi franchise. The reference to his protesting echoed similar sentiments made by McCoy often on the show ("I am a doctor, not a bricklayer!").

In an illustration for the module, "Bones" is inaccurately depicted not as a skeleton, but instead bears the likeness of DeForest Kelley, the actor who played McCoy from the character's inception in 1967 until Kelley's death in 1999.