Blood Moon Festival

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Greyhawk Holiday
Blood Moon Festival
Frequency Annual
Date(s) Coldeven 11
Type Cultural; religious
Observed by Various folk; faiths of Nerull and Kurell
Significance Evil forces said to be at their strongest on this night.

The Blood Moon Festival is celebrated on Coldeven 11, the night when Luna is full just before the Spring Equinox. On this night, curses are said to be twice as powerful and the forces of evil are at their strongest. Fiends roam the lands, and human sacrifice is common. This night is held especially sacred by cultists of Nerull, but worshipers of Kurell also mark this night as especially auspicious for acts of vengeance. Goodly folk superstitiously guard their homes with horseshoes, holy water, bottles of milk, and iron filings.

Demonic forces sent by Iuz destroyed the leadership of the Horned Society during the Blood Moon Festival of 583 CY.

It's possible that this is also the night the elves celebrate as Faerieluck.


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