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Greyhawk Deity
Title(s) The Iron Mule
Home Plane Bytopia
Power Level Lesser
Gender Male
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Metal, Mines, Smiths
Domains Creation, Earth, Fire, Strength
Alias(es) none
Superior none

Bleredd (BLAIR-ed) is the Oeridian god of Metal, Mines, and Smiths. His holy symbol is an iron mule, as sturdy and patient as himself [LGG, p. 167], or a hammer and anvil. [Rot8, p. 28]


Bleredd is the one who originally taught the Oeridians iron-working. He is a pragmatic sort, preferring work to idle talk. He created many of the artifacts used by his family, including his hammer of thunderbolts, Fury, and his wife's hammer Skull Ringer.


Bleredd is the husband of Ulaa.


Bleredd's realm is the Golden Hills in Bytopia, which is also the home of the gnomish pantheon (WoH, 91). Bleredd's wife Ulaa dwells in the Iron Hills in the Outlands.


In Bleredd's creed, the gifts of the earth exist to be taken and used to create practical works. Bleredd's followers are expected to be strong of body and will. Bleredd encourages the free flow of information; the knowledge of smithcraft should never be horded, but taught freely to anyone with a talent for it. Those who are miserly in sharing what they have learned ought to be punished.


Bleredd is an Oeridian God primarily worshiped by gnomes, dwarves, and humans.


Bleredd's favored weapon is the warhammer (any size), though any pick is also considered preferred. His clerics explore the depths beneath the Oerth, work metals, and search for rare or magical ores. They travel to find knowledge that will improve their craft or to teach others.


Bleredd is known throughout the Flanaess.


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