Blades of Corusk

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Greyhawk magic item
Blades of Corusk
Blades of Corusk01.jpg
Three of the five Blades of Corusk: Greenswathe, Dreamsinger, and Stalker, as depicted in Five Shall Be One (1991). Art by Ken Frank.
Type Weapons
Body slot N/A
Caster level
Weight Varies
First appearance Five Shall Be One (1991).

The Blades of Corusk are five swords whose purpose is to free the imprisoned god Vatun. They function most powerfully as a group. They can also be used to destroy anyone who wrongly claims to be Vatun. The last time they were brought together, Iuz stepped in to deny Vatun his awakening, and scattered the blades in order to prevent them from being used to banish him to the Abyss.

The blades are:


Harmonizer is a two-handed +5 Defender of neutral alignment, specifically made for a thief or rogue. On its surface are etchings of a wizard performing a ritual over five swords. When it is first retrieved, it summons into being clones of the thief and her friends in order to test their mettle.

The Edge

The Edge, besides being the name of a member of U2, is a +3 bastard sword with a blade of grayish steel, and an alignment of chaotic neutral. It can fire daggers from its pommel. In the hands of anyone other than a pure fighter, it is only a bastard sword +1.


Greenswathe is a neutrally-aligned +3 scimitar, made of a gold-colored alloy as hard as adamantine. In the hands of anyone but a druid, it is only a scimitar +1. Once per day, it can slice through armor as if it did not exist.


The five Blades of Corusk, as depicted in Howl From the North (1991). Art by Ken Frank. Note that this depiction is likely inaccurate, as the Blades as illustrated do not match their textual descriptions.

Dreamsinger has a blade of white steel and is set with moonstones. It is designed to be used by a barbarian bard; in such a character's hands, it is a +3 broadsword that confers a +1 bonus to armor class and saving throws. It confers a -1 penalty to saves versus illusions and mind-affecting spells, but sings to its wielder in dreams. It exists to locate the other Blades of Corusk, and has the ability to launch a ten-foot-long spear of fire which acts as a prayer spell, if this advances its goal. In the hands of anyone but a barbarian bard, it is only a broadsword +1.


Stalker is a +3 long sword with a blue steel blade and a hilt, pommel, and crosspiece of black adamantine. Wisps of shadowstuff seem to move silently across its surface. In the hands of anyone but a ranger, it is only a longsword +1. In a ranger's hands, the sword grants a bonus to both wit and wisdom, and a bonus to attempts to hide in shadows, track, or move silently. It bestows upon its wielder an affinity with dogs and wolves, and allows its wielder to become invisible three times a day.