Beyond the Crystal Cave

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Beyond the Crystal Cave
Beyond the Crystal Cave01.jpg
Type Module
Code/ Abbreviation UK1
Edition AD&D First edition
Author(s) Dave J. Brown, Tom Kirby, and Graeme Morris
First Published 1983
Classification canon

Beyond the Crystal Cave is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure module set in the World of Greyhawk campaign setting. It is unusual among Dungeons & Dragons modules in that it encourages a non-violent response (mainly parley and true role-play tactics) and approach to achieving the module's goals. It is set in an old English milieu on Sybarate Isle in the Hold of the Sea Princes. First published by TSR UK division in 1983, this module was written by Dave J. Browne, Tom Kirby and Graeme Morris.

Other versions

In 2005, Kenzer and Company published a HackMaster module based on this adventure, named Porpher's Enchanted Garden (originally solicited as Yonder Crystal Caverns but changed due to substantial lateness in gaining authorization from Wizards of the Coast). This version required less talking, more action, as is typical of the game system. The module was hacked by James Butler, a freelance writer also from the UK.


  • Browne, Dave J., Tom Kirby, and Graeme Morris. Beyond the Crystal Cave. Lake Geneva, WI: TSR, 1983.