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Greyhawk Deity
Berna's holy symbol, as depicted in The Scarlet Brotherhood (1999).
Home Plane Prime Material Plane (Oerth)
Power Level Demigoddess
Gender Female
Alignment Chaotic neutral (neutral tendencies)
Portfolio Passion and forgiveness
Domains Chaos, Courage, Healing, Protection
Superior Uvot

Berna is the Touv goddess of passion and forgiveness. Formerly, she was the goddess of hatred and vendettas, but she got better. Her symbol is a red metal heart, preferably red gold.


Berna is depicted as a Touv woman wearing the skin of a jungle cat. A red-gold heart shines from her chest.


Berna is the third child of the serpent god Meyanok, transformed by the power of Xanag from a spirit of hate to one of passion. Her older siblings are Vara and Damaran. Her grandmother is Breeka and her great-grandmother is the sun goddess Nola, who was awakened by the creator god Uvot.

She is a member of the the Touv pantheon, which also includes the gods Katay, Kundo, Meyanok, and Vogan.


The members of the Touv pantheon are spirits that dwell physically on the continent of Hepmonaland, home of the Touv people, rather than in the Outer Planes, according to the Scarlet Brotherhood FAQ originally found on Wizards of the Coast's website.


Berna is now the patron of all small emotions, both positive and negative. She also represents the forgiveness of wrongs.



Berna's clerics and shamans are in tune with the emotions of their people. They help lovers find acceptance, work with artists to help them reach their potential, and raise morale during times of disaster and war. They help counsel victims and preach acceptance of new friendships rather than nursing old wounds.

Myths and legends

Berna's birth

After the pain of birthing the god Katay, the goddess Breeka collapsed in exhaustion, quickly falling asleep. Yet the pain would not leave her, and from the darkness of night and the pain of childbirth was born Meyanok, the diseased serpent. Meyanok festered with hatred and rejection, because of all the first spirits, he was the only one not born under the light of Nola, the sun. Meyanok's frustrated lust mated with his simmering rage, and from this strange coupling three eggs were produced. The first egg hatched to reveal Vara, goddess of fear. From the second egg hatched Damaran, god of vermin, and from the third egg hatched Berna, the goddess of hatred and vengeance.

Berna and Xanag

Meyanok sent his young forth to corrupt the elder gods. The misdeeds of Vara and Damaran will be discussed in their individual entries, but Berna was sent to torment Xanag, the goddess of metals and beauty. However, when confronted with the loveliness of her great-grandmother's second daughter, she paused with amazement. Berna realized that even she, the personification of all hatred, could not hate so beautiful a creature, and she threw herself at Xanag's feet, offering to kill herself to atone for her unworthy emotions. Xanag took pity on her strange grand-niece, and gave her a heart made from red gold. This heart transformed Berna from a spirit of dark passion to one that represented all powerful emotions, as well as the emotion of forgiveness. This enabled Berna to finally forgive herself.

Creative origins

Berna is named for a college friend of Sean K. Reynolds's named Bernadette.[1]


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