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Greyhawk Deity
Beory's holy symbol, as depicted in the Player's Guide (1998).
Title(s) Oerth Mother
Home Plane Oerth (Material Plane)
Power Level Greater
Gender Female
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Oerth, Nature, Rain
Domains Animal, Earth, Plant, Water
Alias(es) none
Superior none

Beory is the Flan goddess of the Oerth, Nature, and Rain. She is also known as the Oerth Mother. Her symbol is either a green disk marked with a circle or a rotund, female figurine.


Beory is considered to be a manifestation of the Oerth itself. She does not care for anything else, and mortals or other deities only concern her if they threaten the Oerth. She is distant even from her own clerics, who wander the earth to experience the different parts of the world. They spend their time communing with nature and often associate with druids.


Beory is well-disposed to Ehlonna and Ulaa. Berei is thought to be a more anthropomorphic aspect of the Oerth Mother.


Beory is the Oerth Mother, and as said above, 'is considered to be a manifestation of the Oerth itself'. She loves the planet unconditionally and will always protect it. However, when she appeared in the Living Greyhawk module Love as Bright as Blood by Eric Menge and Diane Hazlett, she manifested in the world of the Fey to offer the weight of the 'sorrows of the world' to players.



Beory is worshipped widely throughout the Flanaess, but particularly in the County of Ulek, Furyondy, Perrenland, and Tenh. Her faith is prevalent among tribespeople of Flan descent, such as the Rovers of the Barrens and the Flan tribes of the Bright Lands.





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