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Greyhawk Character
Belgos, as depicted on the back cover of Vault of the Drow (1978). Art by Jeff Dee.
Homeland Underdark
Gender Male
Race Drow (vampire)
Age Unknown
Class Fighter 10
Alignment Chaotic evil

Belgos is a drow vampire of the Underdark. He resides in Mirith Glarnon, a drow outpost manned by exiled remnants of House Eilservs.


Belgos shares his home with his lover Silussa, a succubus. The pair are staunch allies of Derakhshan, the powerful drow cleric of the Elder Elemental Eye who leads the Eilservs exiles.


Belgos and Silussa--and Miori, her bat familiar--make their home in a cavern in Mirith Glarnon, a series of Underdark caverns located beneath central Sterich. Mirith Glarnon is most easily accessible from the surface world via the Oestral Abyss, a massive sinkhole on a noble estate once owned by Sterich's House Oester, some twenty miles west-by-southwest of Istivin. Mirith Glarnon proper is located about fifteen miles east of the Oestral Abyss, via an underground tunnel.


Belgos and Silussa once dwelt in a cavern located on the outskirts of the Vault of the Drow and Erelhei-Cinlu, along with Olaf Wodehopper a svirfneblin the pair had charmed into servitude. Their days in this grotto came to an end whenSilussa was slain, and Belgos staked, by adventurers on their way to the Vault (presumably during the events of Vault of the Drow in 580 CY). Belgos was rescued when the Eilservs exiles came upon his cavern while fleeing the Vault. Derakhshan vowed to uncover a way to resurrect Silussa if the vampire would join them and aid in defending their new home, once one was found. Belgos agreed, and once the group discovered Mirith Glarnon, Derakhshan used a scroll of miracle to restore Silussa's life.


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