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Greyhawk Deity
Home Plane Nine Hells
Power Level Archdevil (dead)
Gender Male
Alignment Lawful evil
Alias(es) Lucifer
Superior Asmodeus

Beherit is the former archduke of Malbolge, the Sixth Layer of the Nine Hells of Baator. He was destroyed, along with his consort Batna and their child Lucifuge.


The story of Beherit and Batna is a quite famous tale in the Nine Hells and is cited as an example when it comes to breaking the cardinal rules of Baator. Beherit was named arch-Duke of Malbolge by Asmodeus, the Overlord of Baator. At that time, Asmodeus edicted a rule about the arch-Dukes and their consorts conceiving new arch-Devils : no child should be conceived without proper authorization form the Lord of Nessus himself. Beherit and Batna broke that rule by conceiving their child known as Lucifuge. Infuriated, Asmodeus took charge to punish the offenders himself and utterly destroyed Beherit, Batna and later Lucifuge as well. He then swallowed up their life essence.

The rulership of Malbolge was then given to arch-Devil Baalzebul.

Creative origins

Beherit, like many other archdevils of Baator, was named for a real-life myth, the demon Beherit. Lucifuge was named for a real life demon named Lucifuge. The name Batna, in mythology, is one of Lilith's many aliases.


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