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Greyhawk Author
Wolfgang Baur
Nationality United States
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois
Died N/A
First Greyhawk work "Kingdom of the Ghouls"

Wolfgang Baur was born in the Chicago suburbs and attended the University of Illinois and Cornell University. His first published RPG accessory was Treasures of Middle Earth for I.C. E. His first published D&D work was "A Rose for Talakara" in Dungeon #25. He became an assistant editor for Dungeon Magazine in 1991 and served for a time as editor of Dragon. He's written for Al-Qadim, Alternity, and Planescape as well as many 3rd edition D&D and d20 products.

Greyhawk works

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  • -----. "Raiders of the Black Ice." Dungeon #115. Bellevue, WA: Paizo Publishing, 2004.


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