Barrier Peaks

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The Barrier Peaks, as depicted on the Paizo map (2005).

The 'Barrier Peaks are a range of mountains in the Flanaess, rising from Ket's Banner Hills, and continuing west until joining with the Crystalmist Mountains, just west of Geoff's Hornwood Forest. The Peaks are flanked by the nations of Ull to the west, the Plains of the Paynims to the northwest, Ket to the north, Bissel to the east, and Geoff to the southeast. In addition, the great vale within the range's interior is home to the Valley of the Mage.

The Barrier Peaks are infamous for the unusual creatures inhabiting the range.


The Barrier Peaks are a source of many precious gems and minerals.




Some dwarven clans inhabit concealed strongholds within the Peaks. Giants are also known to dwell in the mountains.

Features and settlements

Perhaps the most notable feature of the Barrier Peaks is the Javan Vale, a massive valley named for the river which runs much of its length, and currently claimed as part of the Valley of the Mage, a realm ruled by the exile Aerdi wizard, Jaran Krimeah.

Another unusual feature, near the Crystalmists, is the so-called "Unoerthly Cave," a bizarre metallic enclosure containing many unusual forms of flora and fauna. The "cave" is believed to actually be a star-faring vessel from another world, and is thought to explain many of the bizarre creatures now found in the mountains, and beyond.