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Greyhawk Deity
Title(s) The Peacekeeper
Home Plane Nine Hells of Baator
Power Level Lesser
Gender Male
Alignment Lawful Evil
Portfolio Cooperation, Territory

Bargrivyek is the goblin deity of Cooperation and Territory. He is known as the Peacekeeper because he tolerates no war between goblin tribes. However, he is not a gentle god and he desires to see goblins destroy their enemies, particularly orcs.


Bargrivyek appears as a large (8 feet tall) goblin with a high domed forehead. He wears a calm expression a carries and white-tipped flail.


Bargrivyek is on good terms with the goblins' racial god, Khurgorbaeyag, because both desire the rise of goblins to domination of other races. He fears the head of the goblin pantheon, Maglubiyet, as well as the god of the hobgoblins, Nomog-Geaya.

Hruggek urges Maglubiyet to act against Bargrivyek, because Bargrivyek seeks to unite goblins and bugbears, something Hruggek disapproves of.


Bargrivyek's deceptively-titled realm of The Peacable Lands can be found on Avernus, the first layer of Baator. Here he trains his goblin armies and leads raids against the realm of Kurtulmak, god of the kobolds.



Shamans of Bargrivyek strive to reduce conflicts amongst the goblins and turn aggression outwards toward external foes. They also advocate the expansion of goblin territory. Their holy weapon is the flail.

Bargrivyek sends omens to his clergy in the form of falling stars, speaking in strange tongues, and speech following violent stuttering.