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Greyhawk Deity
Title(s) The Messenger
Home Plane Mount Celestia
Power Level Celestial paragon
Gender Male
Class(es) n/a
Alignment Lawful good
Portfolio Heralds, messengers
Domains Good, Herald, Law
Superior Zaphkiel

Barachiel the Messenger is the ruler of Lunia, the bottommost layer of the Seven Heavens, one of seven such rulers known as the tome archons or Hebdomad. He is the herald and messenger of the other archon paragons, and leader of the trumpet archons. As the ruler of the layer that borders the neighboring planes of Bytopia, Arcadia, the Outlands and the Astral Plane, it is also Barachiel's duty to guard Celestia against incursions from without, although the ocean of holy water that makes up most of the layer forms a strong defense in itself. His symbol is the lion, and his followers carry this symbol as a sign of obedience and fealty.


Barachiel has been described as a 9-foot-tall androgynous human with silver skin and dark violet eyes. His large wings are covered with silver feathers, and he wears a glowing violet robe adorned with tiny motes of light that resemble stars. His longsword crackles with electricity, and he carries a burnished silver trumpet.

In previous editions, tome archons were described as having the heads of eagles or wise owls, but in 3rd edition they are given humanoid heads.


Barachiel rules the trumpet archons, archons of resurrection and song whose duty it is to guide souls called by resurrection or raise dead spells back to the Prime Material Plane.

Planes of Law mentions a ruling trumpet archon called Israfel, lord of the heralds.


Barachiel dwells in the Citadel of Stars, a towering fortress with gleaming marble walls on the shore of the Silver Sea. An almost constant stream of trumpet archons enter and exit the castle to receive their orders from Barachiel.

The layer of Lunia is divided into 196 provinces, each ruled by a warden archon who answers to Barachiel.


The archons of the Hebdomad do not desire to be worshiped themselves; instead, they guide mortals toward the worship of the deities of law and good. They do not tolerate cults in their names, and have no ability to grant spells. However, each is a patron of organizations and specific individuals who carry their ideals in the mortal realms. In this role, Barachiel and the other tome archons sometimes petition gods of good to grant particular spells and domains to their followers. They are careful to remind these followers that they are not deities, however; to do otherwise would be to fall prey to the sin of pride.


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