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Greyhawk Character
Baltronus Zemner of Linth
Homeland Keoland
Gender Male
Race Human
Age Unknown
Class Wizard

Baltronus Zemner of the Suel house of Linth, more commonly known simply as Baltron, was an exiled Keoish wizard who took residence in a ruined fort in the Hool Marshes in the early 570s CY.


Baltron was once a member of the Seekers of the Arcane. His researches were opposed by the Silent Ones.


Baltron spent much of his life exploring the Dreadwood, searching for the lost magics of the ancient Suloise house Malhel, who had destroyed themselves (according to legend) in the years following the Rain of Colorless Fire. Because such knowledge was forbidden, Baltron was expelled from the national academy and driven from Niole Dra. In the Hool Marshes, however, he was able to research undisturbed. He purportedly summoned a lost elemental power, probably Baron Bwimb of the Paraelemental Plane of Ooze, in an attempt to bind the entity to his will and make him his servant. Because he failed to properly ward himself, however, he ended up drawn into the nexus of energy that accompanied the paraelemental lord. The planar rift still remains, attracting dangerous elemental creatures to the region.


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