Baklunish language

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Greyhawk Language
Spoken in Baklunish Basin, Ket
Spoken by Baklunish
Script Baklunish script
Language Family Baklunish

Baklunish language can refer to either Ancient Baklunish or one of its Low Baklunish dialects, which are spoken by the Baklunish people.

Ancient Baklunish is one of the ancestors of the Common tongue, though there is little resemblance between the two in the present day, a thousand years since the two have diverged. It is still spoken by the nomads of the Plains of the Paynims, and by the faithful of Al'Akbar. It is the language of all official and religious documents west of the Yatil Mountains.

Low Baklunish refers to the contemporary, colloquial Baklunish dialects, descended from Ancient Baklunish but much changed by time.

Selected glossary

Baklunish to English

  • Baragu: navel (presumed)
  • Csipros Erd: Geysers of Death
  • Da'shon: falling hail
  • Edel: gift of fate (psionics)
  • Orem: one set apart
  • Shai'tan: fiend
  • Tovag: Oerth (presumed)
  • Tovag Baragu: navel of the Oerth

English to Baklunish

  • Falling hail: da'shon
  • Fiend: shai'tan
  • Geysers of Death: Csipros Erd
  • Navel: Baragu (presumed)
  • Oerth: Tovag (presumed)
  • One set apart: orem
  • Psionics: edel


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