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Baklunish, or "Bakluni," is generally used in reference to the Baklunish people, a race of humans living in the Flanaess (as well as regions of Oerik further west), though the term may also refer to the language and culture of said people.

Descendants of the human inhabitants of the ancient Baklunish Empire, the Baklunish of today are confined chiefly to the northwest Flanaess, in that region known as the Baklunish Basin and other nearby regions, including Zeif, Ekbir, Tusmit, Ull, Ket, the Dry Steppes, the Plains of the Paynims, the Tiger Nomads, and the Wolf Nomads.

In some cases, the Baklunish mirror the real life Arabian people. Many similarities can be drawn between the two, including aspects of their culture and the influence of genies and other magical forces. However, other Bakluni groups have been compared to various nomadic horse tribes of Central Asia.

The Baklunish people traditionally count their years using the Baklunish Hegira calendar.


Baklunish folk have golden-hued skin and hair that ranges from blue-black to dark brown. Their eyes are often green or gray-green.


The following deities make up the Baklunish pantheon:


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