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Greyhawk Deity
Home Plane Nine Hells
Power Level Archdevil
Gender Female
Alignment Lawful Evil

Baftis is the consort to Baalzebul, the arch-devil currently ruling Maladomini, the seventh layer of the Nine Hells of Baator. She shares this title with Lilith, the former consort to viceroy Moloch, another arch-devil who was demoted upon the Reckoning of Hell.


Subservient and very quiet, Baftis never acts without proper authorization. Extremely afraid of Baalzebul, she never calls attention to herself and always does what her master tells her to. A quite beautiful she-devil, Baftis has a crimson body with an ivory-white, luminescent back, spiral horns, and unusual pale violet eyes. Unlike most other devils, she has no tail. She dislikes showing her back and hides it at all times with dark dresses. Her attitude is rather forbidding and uncommunicative.



Baftis's only act of faint rebellion was when Baalzebul built a city in Maladomini that was supposed to be perfect until he found a slight imperfection in the throne room. Thus, he commanded his court and the citizens to leave. Baftis, for once defied her master and refused to leave. Baalzebul cursed her and sealed her in the city, now a ghost town where no one lives but her.

Baftis still holds the title of consort of the Lord of the Seventh but now has very little authority. Baalzebul has taken as second consort the strong-willed and loyal Lilith, his viceroy Moloch's former consort.