Azure Sea

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The Azure Sea and environs, as depicted on the Paizo map (2005).

The Azure Sea is a large body of water which is mostly enclosed by the lands of the Flanaess. The only outlet is to the south through the Densac Gulf.


The Azure sea connects with the Sea of Gearnat to the north, Jeklea Bay to the southwest and the Densac Gulf to the south. The Javan, Sheldomar, and Jewel rivers empty into the Azure. The Amedio Jungle, the Hold of the Sea Princes, the Kingdom of Keoland, the Principality of Ulek, the Pomarj, Onnwal, United Kingdom of Ahlissa, the Kingdom of Sunndi and the Scarlet Brotherhood all border upon the Azure sea.

Flora and fauna


Pirates from the Sea Princes, the Pomarj, the Scarlet Brotherhood, and the Amedio Jungle--not to mention the numerous sea monsters which abound within and upon the Azure--make travel upon the sea dangerous at best. In spite of the dangers, trading upon the Azure has been both prolific and profitable for centuries and every nation bordering the sea is engaged in it. The Greyhawk Wars brought trading to a near standstill, but the ending of the wars saw a resurgence of brisk trading.

The Azure is known to be the home of many aquatic demi-human species. Merfolk and tritons of the Azure are known to be increasing their attacks upon the ships of the Scarlet Brotherhood.

Features and settlements

The Olman Islands are nestled between the Azure sea and the Densac Gulf.

Though every state bordering the sea has port cities located upon it, four of the more important port cities located on the Azure are Gryrax, capital of the Prinicpality of Ulek, Gradsul at the mouth of the Sheldomar in Keoland, Monmurg, capital of the Hold of the Sea Princes, and the independent city of Irongate.

The famed wizard Drawmij, of the Circle of Eight, is said to make his home somehwere beneath the waves of the Azure sea. It is believed that he does his part to make the Azure a safer place for travel.