Azure Masks

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Greyhawk Organization
Azure Masks
Type Information gatherers
Founded Around 70 CY
Members Generally entertainers (any class)
Symbol Blue mask
Headquarters Irongate
Allies Cobb Darg
Enemies Society of the Serpent

The Azure Masks are a group of wandering minstrels, jugglers, acrobats, actors, and magicians who collect secrets and lore from across the Flanaess. They may trade secrets to others, but they must never give away the secret of their own existence. They are not, however, completely unknown. Cobb Darg knows of them, as does the Society of the Serpent.


The Azure Masks were founded around 70 CY at the orders of Overking Tenmeris of the Great Kingdom. It was his idea to use traveling performers as secret information gatherers. They were so secret that when Tenmeris died in 75 CY, no one else knew about them, much less was willing to continue paying them. Nonetheless, they found collecting information could be a profitable pursuit and continued on until the present day by surreptitiously providing knowledge to the highest bidder.

Just before the Greyhawk Wars, they helped warn Cobb Darg of the true motives of the Scarlet Brotherhood.


Any performer may be eligible to become an Azure Mask, from a bard to a sorcerer to the old man who sings "Old Grey Mare" with his pants around his ankles. The main requirements are that the prospective member be observant, trustworthy, and discreet. New recruits are often told they work for the city of Irongate. In truth, they work only for themselves, although they care for the safety of their adopted city.

Agents are often dispatched looking for specific information, or they may be expected to come back with any salable information on a given topic, such as a certain castle or wizard. They may venture into strange and hazardous lands in pursuit of lore.


Members of the Azure Masks recognize one another through code phrases in the secret cant of actors and performers.


The Azure Masks are based in the Free City of Irongate, where they own two major pieces of property: a prominent theater and a mansion where they keep the majority of their carefully organized data.


The Azure Masks sometimes find themselves at odds with the Society of the Serpent, who know what they are and consider them to be rivals in the accumulation of lore. The Masks have infiltrated the Crescent League, and many Masks belong to both organizations at once.

The Azure Masks know of the Fratern Milblinnis and the Telles ve Turu Decada.