Artonsamay River

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The Artonsamay River and environs, as depicted on the Paizo map (2005).

The Artonsamay is easily one of the longest rivers to traverse the Flanaess. It is navigable from the city of Redspan, in the Duchy of Tenh, all the way to the Nyr Dyv.


The Artonsamay's headwaters can be found within the Fellreev Forest, from which it heads southeast where, along with the Zumkend River and the Zumker River, it forms the border between the Bandit Kingdoms and Tenh. It then enters the Phostwood and Nutherwood forests. From the Nutherwood the Artonsamay begins meandering southwest, serving as the border between the Bandit Kingdoms and the [County of Urnst]], until the river finally empties to the Nyr Dyv.


Rhennee are to be found in considerable numbers upon the Artonsamay river and are know to gather near the area known as the Great Northern Bend.

Features and settlements

There are numerous towns and cities situated along the banks of the river; these include Stoink and Sarresh of the Bandit Kingdoms and Jedbridge, Hardwyn and Caporna of the County of Urnst.