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Greyhawk Character
Homeland Tdon
Gender Male
Race Human
Age Over 1200
Class Priest
Alignment Lawful Good

Arnd, also known as Arnd of Tdon, was a legendary Oeridian hero who lived ages ago, before the Great Migrations. "A humble priest from the south," he is famed for establishing the first paladins of Heironeous among the Oeridian tribes. He is also known as a possessor (in more ways than one) of the artifact known as the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd, which he wore while leading a rebellion against the wizard Virtos.

It is said that Arnd's spirit still inhabits the armor that bears his name, attempting to aid the poor whenever possible.


Arnd is credited with writing Unknown Movements of the Universe, a wizardly spellbook. However, as a priest Arnd is probably not the author of the book in question, unless he was multi-classed. It is possible there was a wizard called Arnd separate from the legendary priest.

Creative origins

Arnd of Tdon was named after Don Arndt, a player in the first Greyhawk campaign.


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