Archbold III

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Greyhawk Character
Archbold III
Archbold III01.jpg
Archbold III of Nyrond, c. 591 CY, as depicted in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (2000). Art by Vince Locke.
Homeland Nyrond
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 64 (born c. 527 CY)
Class Fighter 17 (FtA
Alignment Lawful Good

Archbold III is the elderly former king of Nyrond. After suffering a stroke in 585 CY, he abdicated the throne in Fireseek of 586 in favor of is eldest son, Lynwerd I.


Archbold III is 5', 11" tall, of heavy-medium build (WGR4), though he has withered with age (LGG.76). He is of Oeridian heritage, with lightly tanned skin and brown eyes. His reddish-brown hair has turned white with age, and is worn long, accompanied by a flowing beard.


Archbold has two sons, King Lynwerd I and Prince Sewarndt.


Archbold was born circa 527 CY (The Marklands list him as being 58 years old in the Spring of 585 CY).