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Greyhawk Deity
Title(s) Keeper of Gateways
Home Plane Currently the Astral Plane (dead)
Power Level Greater deity (dead)
Gender Male
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Portals, doorways, opportunity
Superior None

Aoskar is a dead god once worshiped among the planes, though there is no evidence he was ever worshiped on Oerth.


Prayers to Aoskar were whispered when his followers walked through doorways, and the use of portal keys became associated from his worship. All travel to or from the City of Doors became a sacrament to Aoskar.

Since the god's death, worship of Aoskar became illegal in Sigil. His followers are often sentenced to public execution.


Aoskar's primary temple was known as the Great Temple of Doors. Since the god's death, it is now known as the Shattered Temple and it has become the headquarters of the god-distrusting Athar faction.


Alchemists seek out the blood of Aoskar, which is said to resemble wine and act as a universal key to any magical portal or gate.


Aoskar desired Sigil, the City of Doors, for his own, though he was smart enough not to try to take it by force. Instead, he encouraged his followers to spread his faith throughout the city. Residents of the city turned to his worship and he became the unofficial patron of the city. Some devout followers even began to worship the Lady of Pain as a mere aspect of Aoskar. One of the Lady's own servants, the dabus Fell, proclaimed himself a cleric of Aoskar.

The Lady of Pain killed Aoskar, casting his corpse into the Astral Plane and destroying his house of worship.


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