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Greyhawk Deity
Home Plane Prime Material Plane (imprisoned)
Power Level Demigod
Gender Male
Class(es) Cleric 30
Alignment Lawful Evil
Portfolio Anguiliians
Superior None

Anguileusis is the patron god of the eel-like anguillians.


Anguileusis resembles his people, the anguillians; that is, he seems to be a cross between a human and an eel, with four short limbs and a long flat tail, and has fins on the side of his face like those of a sahuagin. Anguileusis's divinity is apparent in his skin, which glows pure white, and in the fact that the water around him boils with the heat of his presence. His eyes flash like distant lighting.



Anguileusis is currently imprisoned on the Prime Material Plane within a statue of greenish serpentine called The Stone Which Abides.


Anguileusis is a warlike, expansionist deity who seeks to help his people conquer the ocean - and possibly beyond.


The demigod Anguileusis is worshipped by his people, the anguiliians. The sahuagin have no memory of the god, though they have a fascination for his prison that they do not understand. Anguiliians have no priesthood in the modern era.


The trident Surge, twin to Wave, was created to spread Anguileusis's worship by a race of cyclopes enslaved by another god of the sea.


Long ago, the anguiliians ruled a civilized empire beneath the sea. Their power was dependent on a half-living technology empowered by their patron god, Anguileusis.

Anguileusis, desiring to aid his chosen race even more, chose to incarnate himself in the form of the son of the anguiliian rulers, the Deep Mother and the Deep Father. Just as his divine egg was hatched, however, the ceremony was interrupted by a group of elves seeking a way to create an aquatic form of their species. Using powerful magic specifically designed to imprison an infant god-in-flesh, they transformed Anguileusis and the Deep Father into a serpentine sculpture. Thus they have remained for uncounted millennia.

Some of the anguiliians, descended to savagery, were later adopted by the devil-shark Sekolah. These anguiliians became the sahuagin.


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