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Greyhawk Character
Lord Andromansis of Garasteth
Homeland Great Kingdom
Gender Male
Race (Formerly human) death knight
Age 400+
Class Wizard 15/fighter 5
Alignment Neutral evil

Lord Andromansis was in life a Garasteth nobleman. In undeath, he is a death knight.


Lord Andromansis resembles a charred skeleton wearing a wizard's robes and cowl. Unlike most death knights, he does not wear armor.


Andromansis is a distant cousin of Lord Drax of Rel Astra.


Andromansis dwells in a tower in Rel Astra, where he is served by many forms of intelligent undead and seldom admits any visitors; only Lord Drax visits him with any regularity. Lord Drax, an animus, seeks a cure for his own condition, and Andromansis has agreed to aid him.


Lord Andromansis joined Kargoth's conspiracy at the last minute, but was transformed into a death knight like all the others who followed the rebellious lord. Andromansis despises being a death knight; he spurned the demon prince Demogorgon, who was responsible for his curse, and became a follower of Demogorgon's rival Orcus instead. He also became a mage, becoming obsessed with the intersection of magic and undeath.


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