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The Amedio Jungle and environs, as depicted in The Scarlet Brotherhood (1999).

The Amedio Jungle is a large stretch of tropical rainforest located in the southwestern Flanaess, on the continent of Oerik. Lying east of the Hellfurnaces, the Amedio extends over 300 leagues south from its northernmost point at Jeklea Bay.


The Amedio Jungle is home to numerous species of tropical flora and fauna, including some brought by migrating Olman from Hepmonaland, such as the bato, miro, and pok. Many dangerous fungi, colonial life, plants, and vermin dwell in the Amedio as well, such as the green and olive slime, yellow mold, obliviax moss, violet fungus, gas spores, phycomids, giant sundew, mantrap, pitcher plants, and Amedian gutworms. Several more fearsome creatures also make their homes there, including spawn of Kyuss near the ancient ruins of Kuluth-Mar.


The jungle is populated by Olman and Suel tribesmen, as well as intelligent apes known as dakon. The Olman people make their home mainly in Xamaclan, the last city-state of the Olman. In ancient times, the Amedio was home to at least two nodes of the vast spell weaver civilization.

Features and settlements

The Amedio Jungle is home to numerous ruins, settlements, and geographical features of interest, including the cities of Cauldron, Sasserine, and Xamaclan, and the ruins of Kuluth-Mar.


The border of the Amedio Jungle and the Hellfurnaces was the setting of Dungeon's Shackled City adventure path. This adventure detailed the history of the region between Jeklea Bay, the Amedio, and the Hellfurnaces, going back 3000 years to the time of the spell weavers' domination of the area. In that time, a battle between the Abyssal hordes and the forces of good took place around what is now the city of Cauldron.

The Savage Tide adventure path also began in the Amedio Jungle region, in the city of Sasserine.

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