Amedian gutworm

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Greyhawk creature
Amedian gutworm
Amedian gutworm01.jpg
An Amedian gutworm, as depicted in Living Greyhawk Journal #3 (2001). Art by Sam Wood
Alignment Neutral
Type Vermin
First appearance LGJ #3

Amedian gutworms are vicious predatory vermin native to the Amedio Jungle.


Amedian gutworms are parasites that implant eggs in their victims using injectors in their tails. An implanted creature has no symptoms for the first 1-4 weeks of the infestation. After this period it begins to damage the host, draining the victim of both strength and health until, after 1-2 weeks, the larva erupts from the host.

Though they are eager hunters of humanoids, the eggs of Amedian gutworms are unable to survive in the flesh of fiends.


Amedian gutworms hunts in or near marshy areas, either lying in wait as leeches do or actively hunting, attacking with their claws and bite and draining their blood.

Although first discovered in the Amedio, the gutworm has since migrated in the bodies of its hosts to the Olman Isles, Tilvanot Peninsula, and especially the sewers of the Sea Princes cities of Monmurg and Port Toli. They have also been found in the sewers of Rel Astra, and it is possible that the parasite has appeared as distantly as the sewers of the Free City of Greyhawk.

Typical physical characteristics

As an adult, the gutworm is a mottled yellowish-gray in hue, resembling a segmented worm five to six feet long, with short claws protruding all along the length of its body. Its head is festooned with pinchers and barbs, and features a pair of eyespots rather than fully developed eyes. As a larva, it is two to three feet long and much thinner.


As mindless vermin, Amedian gutworms are always neutral in alignment.