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Greyhawk Realm
The arms of Alocotla, as depicted in The Scarlet Brotherhood (1999).
Region Hepmonaland
Ruler The Venerable Fang
Government Theocracy
Established -1100 CY
Capital Alocotla (population 10,000)
Major Towns N/A
Provinces N/A
Resources Food, gems (sapphires, jade, turquoise), rare woods
Population 20,000 (?)
Races Yuan-ti, beastmen, bugbears, mongrelfolk
Languages Tlaman, Beastman
Alignments NE (CE)
Religions Tlaloc*
Allies None
Enemies Scarlet Brotherhood

Alocotla is a yuan-ti city-state in Hepmonaland.


Circa -1100 CY, the high priests of the Olman city-states Alocotla and Xapatlapo participated in a dark ritual in the name of their rain-god Tlaloc. A thousand human infants were sacrificed and consumed in Tlaloc's honor, and all who partook of that dread feast were transformed into the serpentine creatures known as yuan-ti. The yuan-ti of Alocotla spread into the surrounding area, diluting their tainted bloodlines with the local humans, until the entire region was populated by their kind. The changes have bred true.

When Touv from further south invaded the Olman territories a century later, the majority of Olman fled to the Amedio Jungle. The yuan-ti, however, remained and fought back, retaining control over much of their original territories. Since then, the creatures of Alocotla have spent their time raiding nearby city-states and spying on their cousins in Xapatlapo.

A group of yuan-ti from Alocotla colonized the forbidden city of Xuxulieto.


Alocotla lies on the northern shore of Tchlapac Lake.


The yuan-ti of Alocotla have Olman racial features. The serpentine portions of their bodies are dark green with red or black patterns.


The city of Alocotla has a population of 10,000, with another 10,000 or so sapient beings in the surrounding countryside. There are approximately 300 beastmen, 600 bugbears, and 500 mongrelfolk in the area.


The yuan-ti of Alocotla are worshippers of Tlaloc, the Olman rain god. The deities worshipped by the other local races are unknown.


The language spoken by the yuan-ti of Hepmonaland is called Tlaman; it is related to the Olman language, but with loan-words from nonhuman, serpentine languages, with the pronunciations of some words altered because the fanged, forked-tongue mouths of the yuan-ti have difficulty saying them. There are also a few terms derived from the Touv language.

The other races found in Alocotla have their own languages; it is unknown how many of them have learned to speak Tlaman.


Alocotla is ruled by the direct descendants of the priests of Tlaloc who initiated the ritual that transformed them long ago; they are now yuan-ti. These priests have divided into numerous noble families and houses, who vie for control of the city.



Resources produced in Alocotla include food, sapphires, jade, turquoise, and various rare woods.

Creative origins

Alocotla was created by Sean K. Reynolds.