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Greyhawk Realm
Almorian Protectorate
Region Southeast Nyrond
Ruler Governor Younard
Government Governor appointed by King
Capital Mithat
Major Towns Mithat, Innspa, Chathold (destroyed)
Provinces Almor
Coinage Sterling (pp), Noble (gp), Shinepiece (ep), Shield (sp), Common (cp)
Population 29,000 (Mithat)
Languages Common, Old Oeridian, Nyrondese, Elvish, Halfling
Alignments LG, LN*, NG, CG, N
Allies Kingdom of Nyrond, Duchy of Urnst, County of Urnst
Enemies United kingdom of Ahlissa, Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy, Iuz, Scarlet Brotherhood

In 586 CY King Lynwerd I of Nyrond seized the western half of Almor, placing it under his protection and creating the Almorian Protectorate, and appointing a governor to administer the new province.


In it's beginning, Almor was a clerical fief of the Great Kingdom. As the Great Kingdom began to decline however, Almor began to exercise more independence. In 437 CY, during the Turmoil Between Crowns, Overking Ivid I was forced to recognize the independent palatinate status of several provinces, most notably Rel Astra, Medegia and Almor.

Almor was now reconstituted as the Prelacy of Almor, with it's capital located at Chathold and ruled over by the Prelate of Almor, Kevont. As an independent realm, it joined with Onnwal, Irongate, Sunndi, Idee and the County of Urnst to form the Eastern Pact Alliance in 583 CY for mutual aid and protection against the aggression of the Great Kingdom. This alliance was undone by the advent of the Greyhawk Wars, when several of these realms ceased to exist as independent entities. Almor's independent existence as a sovereign realm ended in 586 CY, when Overking Ivid V attempted to force Almor back into his domain. The result was the total destruction of Chathold and the devastation of the lands of Almor.

At the end of the Greyhawk Wars, Nyrond looked upon it's former ally with empathy and concern, but with a regard for it's own self-interest as well. The newly installed king, Lynwerd I, immediately sent troops into the region and claimed that the western half of the former Prelacy was under his protection. Lynwerd created it the Almorian Protectorate and installed a governor to oversee it's administration.

The Almorian Protectorate is faced with desolation of much of it's lands and, like most of Nyrond severe poverty as well, forcing many otherwise honest folk into lawlessness. Exactly what the future may hold for this shattered realm is uncertain, but nations watch hungrily.