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Greyhawk Realm
Motto/Nickname Unknown
Region (Likely) Old Ferrond or the Sheldomar
Ruler King (name unknown)
Government Monarchy
Established Unknown
Capital Unknown
Major Towns Unknown
Provinces Unknown
Resources Unknown
Coinage Unknown
Population Unknown
Races Human (Flan)
Languages Flan language
Alignments Unknown
Religions Unknown
Allies Fleeth (ended with the death of Fleeth's princess)
Enemies Unknown

Almadia was an ancient Flan state contemporaneous with the city of Fleeth.


Almadia's precise location is unknown, but its proposed alliance with Fleeth meant it was likely in relatively close proximity.


Citizens of Almadia were known as Almadians.


The son of the ruler of Almadia at the time of Vecna's vengeance against Fleeth was Prince Aaron. He was betrothed to the princess of Fleeth, but the princess's premature death ended their engagement.