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Greyhawk Character
Alhamazad the Wise
Alhamazad the Wise.PNG
Alhamazad the Wise, as depicted in Living Greyhawk Journal #0 (2000). Art by Sam Wood.
Homeland Zeif
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 85+
Class Wizard
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Alhamazad the Wise is a powerful human wizard of Baklunish descent, and one of the newest members of the Circle of Eight.


Alhamazad is an elderly Baklunish man who walks with a limp. He dresses in plain robes, and covers his shaved head with a simple turban.


Alhamazad is a good friend of Mordenkainen, whom he has known for over twenty years. He is wary of Drawmij, and holds great antipathy for Warnes Starcoat. Kermin Mind-Bender of the Boneheart once served as Alhamazad's apprentice, but the two are now enemies.



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