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Greyhawk Character
Duke Alfric
Homeland Caer Sidi
Gender Male
Race Elf (Pharisee)
Age Unknown
Class Fighter 7/Magic-user 11
Alignment Neutral (evil tendencies)

Duke Alfric is the ruler of Caer Sidi, a land on another world.


In Poul Anderson's novel, Alfric is described as supple-bodied and black-clad, with white skin and blue-silver hair. His eyes, though sharp and penetrating, were blank azure orbs without iris or pupil. He was not very surprised to learn of the existence of other worlds.


Alfric's consort is the lady Meriven. He has recently negotiated a treaty with the demoness Lolth, whose armies have invaded his world, but he still seeks to undermine her at every opportunity. He will offer magical items to aid others who oppose the Spider Queen, though he will just as quickly betray them to curry Lolth's favor.


Alfric lives in the castle of Caer Sidi.

Creative Origins

Duke Alfric and his consort Meriven were created by Poul Anderson, and first appeared in his novel Three Hearts and Three Lions. David C. Sutherland III included them in the module Queen of the Demonweb Pits.


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