Alastor Land

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Greyhawk Character
Alastor Land
Alastor Land00.jpg
The ghost of Alastor Land, as depicted in Dungeon #124 (2005). Art by Eva Widermann.
Homeland Diamond Lake
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 13 at death (born 552 CY
Class Commoner 2 (ghost)
Alignment Chaotic neutral

Alastor Land was a human teen who lived on a farm near the town of Diamond Lake in the Domain of Greyhawk. Born in 552 CY, Alastor ran away from home in 565 CY, a year after his father's untimely death. Alastor came to his own untimely end soon after, slain by a trap in the Whispering Cairn, about a day's ride from Diamond Lake. After death, Alastor became a ghost and haunted the cairn until his bones were recovered and buried by adventurers in 595 CY.


In death, Alastor appeared as a ghostly farm lad of thirteen years, with long black nails, a broken neck, and an infernal gleam in his eyes.


Alastor was the second child of Anders and Bemissa Land. He had an older brother, Coldaran, and a younger sister, Gertia.


Alastor Land01.jpg