Alain IV

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Greyhawk Character
Alain IV
Alain IV01.jpg
The death of Alain IV, as depicted in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (2000). Art by Vince Locke.
Homeland Ratik
Gender Male
Race Human

Alain IV was heir to the throne of Ratik in the late sixth century CY. As he never actually sat the throne, it is assumed that the suffix of "IV" would have been added upon his ascension. Alain died on an expedition to recover the Bone March in 586 CY.



Alain IV was the only son of Archbaron Lexnol III of Ratik. In 579 CY, Alain was married to Lady Evaleigh, daughter of Count Dunstan of the Bone March county of Knurl.


At some point, Alain set for himself the goal of uniting Ratik and the Bone March, which fell to nonhuman invaders in 563 CY. However, the Frost Barbarian king remained unconvinced by Alain's plans. The young lord's ambitions may have been further encouraged by his step-family, as Knurl's status as the only surviving Bone March holding put Count Dunstan in a precarious position between the Bone March, Nyrond, and Aerdy's North Province. Alain was further supported by the Bone March refugees, who wished to take back their lands from the invaders.

With Lexnol's grudging support, Alain led an army of humans and dwarves into the Bone March in 586 CY, attempting to retake Spincastle. The assault failed, and Alain was pulled from his mount by gnolls and slain, according to the testimony of his surviving lieutenants. In the hasty retreat, nearly 300 Ratikan soldiers were left for dead.

The news of Alain's death proved too much to bear for Archbaron Lexnol, who collapsed, awaking the next day white-haired and bedridden by palsy. In the wake of Alain's death and Lexnol's ill-health, Lady Evaleigh assumed the throne of Ratik.


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