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Greyhawk Character
Homeland Ahmut's Legion, Sundered Empire of Ravilla
Gender Male
Race Formerly human; now undead
Age Approx. 300
Alignment Neutral Evil

Ahmut was an ancient Baklien warlord in Western Oerik. After the Spear of Stratis struck him in his grave he rose and assembled a legion to assist in the recovery of the Panopoly of Stratis.

Ahmut in Life

Ahmut first entered history when, with the aid of the war-god Stratis, he gathered the nomadic Baklien and rode on the elven empire of Ravilla with intent to conquer. His canny tactics confounded the elves and ravaged Ravilla for three years. One night while he slept, however, Ahmut's throat was slit by the elven assassin Prisca. Without his leadership, the Baklien quickly fell into chaos and were easily defeated. Ahmut was buried in an unmarked grave, but not forgotten--the warlord's name continued to inspire fear for centuries to come.

Ahmut's Return

Three centuries later, when Stratis was killed, his last act was to scatter his panoply across Western Oerik. He cast his spear far away, and it plunged to earth directly into Ahmut's grave, awakening the warlord as an undead monstrosity. This, it was said, was Stratis's last act of vengeance on those who had slain him.

With the Spear of Stratis, Ahmut was able to raise the dead as skeletons and zombies, undying soldiers with absolute loyalty to his cause. He quickly caught the attention of the Red Scythe, a death cult devoted to the god Nerull. Thinking to control Ahmut, the undead warlord surprised them by killing their high priest and bringing the entire cult into his service.

Beginning with a tribe of troglodytes whose mountain lair he made his own, Ahmut set about slaying as many creatures as possible and adding them to his growing legion. Soon, Ahmut controlled his own realm southeast of the remnant of Ravilla, and though he soon came into conflict with Drazen's Horde and the gnolls of Naresh, he continues to expand his bony grasp ever outward.


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