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Greyhawk Holiday
Frequency Annual
Date(s) Richfest 4
Type Racial; religious
Observed by elves
Significance Celebrates the creation of the Elven race.

Agelong, observed on the 4th of Richfest (the Summer Solstice), is the celebration of the legendary creation of the elves. According to myth, after Corellon Larethian spilled his blood during the battle with Gruumsh, the rest of the Seldarine gathered this sacred blood and mingled it with the tears shed during the same battle by Sehanine Moonbow. The Seldarine then infused these divine fluids into vessels they had created to be the bodies of the elven race.

This day is, among the elves, mostly an excuse to go orc-hunting. Elven warriors cut themselves with daggers carved from volcanic glass to remind themselves of Corellon's own wound from Gruumsh's spear, then strive to slaughter as many orcs as possible during the night.


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