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Greyhawk creature
An old Aerdi king, as depicted in The Adventure Begins (1998). Art by David Roach.
Alignment Any
Type Humanoid
Subtype Human
First appearance

The Aerdi were the most prideful, powerful, and violent of the Oeridian tribes to emigrate into the Flanaess during the period of the Great Migrations. Their name means "sky people" in the Old Oeridian tongue. They worshiped many gods of the sky and were famed astrologers.

Like other Oeridian tribes, the Aerdi left their homelands in the plains west of the Baklunish Basin. Alone of the Oerid peoples, they traveled all the way to the Solnor Ocean and spread to the plains watered by the Flanmi River. The Aerdi included several sub-tribes, including the Thallari and the Medegi, and were ruled by various noble houses, including Cranden, Darmen, Garasteth, Naelax, and Rax.

The Aerdi were the founders of the Kingdom of Aerdy, the predecessor state to the Great Kingdom.