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Greyhawk Deity
Title(s) Chancellor
Keeper of Records
Home Plane Baator
Power Level Duke of Hell
Gender Male
Class(es) n/a
Alignment Lawful evil
Portfolio Record-keeping, child sacrifice
Domains Evil, Knowledge, Law
Superior Asmodeus

Adramalech is a powerful Duke of Hell, serving Asmodeus as his chancellor.


Adramalech somewhat resembles an elderly human man with a gray beard. His eyes are cold and wet, changing in hue according to his mood from green to black to fiery orange; they are green when he is enjoying himself and they turn orange when he is filled with anger, remaining a deep black when he is somewhere in between. He has normal human feet and hands; only his small, crimson horns and forked tail mark him obviously as a devil. His loose, flowing, green, purple, russet, or black robes conceal his crimson, scaly back and his slimy, yellow-green belly.

Adramalech is not physically strong for a diabolic noble, and he is rather helpless in the face of disorganization, which is why he's ever aimed for a higher status. However he regularly spies, gives orders, and hides information from his master. He is exceedingly proficient in the magic of truenames.

Adramalech delights in the torture of humans and elves. He maintains extensive dungeons beneath Asmodeus's palace for this purpose.


Adramalech is the chancellor of Asmodeus and a rival of Asmodeus's inquisitor, Phongor.


Adramalech is secretly served by a legion of spies and informants among the pit fiends and other castes of devils. He writes down all the information he gains from his spies, along with the truenames of all devils, in the Infernal Records, a tome that mortals know as The Book of Fire. Some of Adramalech's spies, however, have been subverted by his rival Phongor.


Adramalech is served by several small cults of crude, bestial followers who sacrifice everything they have and are to their uncaring lord. They are notorious for sacrificing their own children to Adramalech, burning them on unholy altars that pour out clouds of ochre smoke at the touch of mortal flesh.


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