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Adamantine is an alloy created from a glossy black metal known as adamant. Adamant is the pure metal form of a jet-black, ferromagnetic ore known as adamantite. In its pure form, adamant is a lustrous, gleaming black color with rainbow edges. It is one of the hardest substances known (save obdurium), but also brittle. A stylus made from adamant will shatter if dropped.

The alloy adamantine is also black, but it has a clear green sheen in candlelight. This sheen turns purple-white under most magical radiances and under the light of the will-o'-wisp. Adamantine is pliable but very difficult to work with. It must be forged at very high temperatures by master smiths with special oils to slake and temper the hot metal. Adamantine features the strength of adamant without the brittleness.

Adamantite ore is found only in meteorites and the rarest of veins in magical areas deep beneath the earth beyond where human miners go, sometimes found in spherical pockets in volcanic areas. The drow are rumored to have an abundance of it. A few clans of deep-delving dwarves have also come across it, and most adamantine items found on the surface are of dwarven make. Adamantite has been discovered in the Pits of Azak-Zil.

Kelanen's sword Swiftdoom is made of glassteeled adamantine.


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