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The Abbor-Alz hills ring the Bright Desert. They are rough and rugged, composed primarily of granite. In the west, they become a small mountain range reaching the Cairn Hills, its northern spur.


The flora here are similar to those in the Cairn Hills, although cacti and other desert plants (such as vampire cacti) become more prevalent near the Bright Desert, alpine plants more common in the mountains, and there are hardly any trees or bushes in some places. Fauna include camprats, llama-like animals, and hardy mountain goats. Manticores, leucrottas, wyverns, a few dragons, and many other monsters infest the area.


Dwarves and gnomes have several settlements in the west. The gnomes have only a handful of gem mines, while the dwarven presence is more prevalent. Orcs and goblins compete with the dwarves for living space. Bordering the Bright Desert, tribes of nomads quarrel with tribes of giants, ogres, bandits, trolls, and other threats.

The Mountaineer Militia of Greyhawk patrols this area, or at least spies on it.

Features & settlements