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Greyhawk Character
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Fighter
Alignment Neutral Good
This page is about the human character. For the monster, see ogre.

Ogre (always spelled with quotes - "Ogre" - in the actual modules) is a human fighter. He was one of the adventurers who defeated the Slave Lords in 580 CY.


Ogre stands six feet tall, weighing 183 pounds, all of it muscle. He is a bull of a man, terrifyingly strong and enduring, though good-hearted. He is not very bright, but he means well.


Ogre's companions during his time fighting the Slave Lords were Elwita, Freda, Karraway, Blodgett, Dread Delgath, Eljayess, and Kayen Telva.


Ogre was captured by the Slave Lord Stalman Klim in 580 CY and was, with his companions, left naked to die in a maze. Together, they managed to escape. During their escape, the city of Suderham (the Slave Lords' headquarters) was consumed by a volcano and the party made it back to the Free City of Greyhawk, where they were acclaimed as heroes.

Creative origins

Ogre was one of the pregenerated characters in the original tournaments that the Slave Lords modules (A1-A4) were based on.